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Payroll Made Easy

Simplify the process of preparing employee salaries at the end of the month with QuickPayroll®.

Once you enter basic employee information, QuickPayroll® calculates PAYE, NSSF, NHIF and other transactions, generating pay slips, monthly and periodic reports, and maintaining a record for each month and year.

QuickPayroll® helps you do iTax returns at the end of every month.

What specifically can QuickPayroll® do for you?

Be ahead of time. Be Accurate. Be compliant. 

Maintains Employee Data

Enter employees’ details starting with just their names and salary, QuickPayroll® allows you to post additional earnings and deductions at any time thereafter. As you move from one salary month to the next QuickPayroll® carries forward relevant information automatically managing loans, savings and advances. 

Calculates Payroll Tax Items

QuickPayroll® calculates statutory deductions like PAYE, NSSF and NHIF using built in automatic formulas. Loans, Savings, Advances, Pensions, and other common transactions are automatically handled once posted.

Quick processing allowing you to do several “runs” of the payroll. Check that everthing is Okay at the end of each and adjust as needed. Then finalizing for the month and prepare the relevant reports.

Generates Reports

QuickPayroll® automatically generates the most typical payroll reports. Monthly reports include Payslips, Master Payroll Summary, Payroll Journal, and a Transactions Analysis that includes all payments, deductions and tax items.
End-of-year reports including employee tax deduction cards P9 and the Employer's Tax Summaries P10/P10A (all KRA Approved).

View reports on the screen, print on regular paper, or email (PDF).

Helps you be tax compliant

Apart from having the latest formulas for calculating statutory items built it, QuickPayroll® will help you do your Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) iTax PAYE returns, NSSF and NHIF uploads.

For iTax, after some basic setup, QuickPayroll® is able to create a CSV (Comma Seperated Values) File data export that can be read by the KRA P10 Spreadsheet that you then upload to the KRA iTax system. Then every month after that, a few mouse clicks will have QuickPayroll recreate the file with updated information for the new month - automatically.

QuickPayroll® also automatically generates the by-product files for NHIF and NSSF for you to upload.

QuickPayroll® is  probably the simplest payroll software available for the Kenyan income tax system.

Checkout some of the screens of QuickPayroll in action and see for yourself what value there is.

QuickPayroll® in action

Checkout a short overview video that show you what QuickPayroll can do.