QuickPayroll® Pricing

QuickPayroll® is avalable with the following options.

Be ahead of time. 
Be Accurate. 
Be compliant.

Basic Packages (software license only; training by video and telephone )

1 to 10 Employees KES 19,500/=

1 to 50 Employees KES 29,500/=

1 to 100 Employees KES 49,500/=

1 to 250 Employees KES 69,500/=

For over 250 Employees, please call for pricing

a) Electronic Software Download (and self install)
b) User manual in PDF format
c) Self Training via Video
d) Telephone/E-mail/TeamViewer support
e) Onsite Support at 3,500/= per hour or part thereof
f) Optional software updates at special rates

 JumpStart User Training (Optional)

 KES (determined based on needs)

a) A customized Two(2) hr onsite hands on training
b) Maximum two(2) attendees
c) Training checklist and printed user manuals 
d) Followup support via Telephone/Email

Data Entry or Data Conversion

KES (determined based on assessment of work involved)

a) Data conversion from Microsoft Excel 
b) Manual data entry
c) Help in converting from alternative Payroll system

* For on site support and training outside Nairobi additional costs accure.

* Prices may be subject to change without notice. Always ask for current price.

* CAll + 254 777 555 909 or email: info@ideaz.co.ke